Garrett Anderson and Antonio de la Torre have been creating digital films together since they met at a high school digital media production class in the year 2000. Several of the students from that class are working in similar professional fields today.

Garrett served as a U.S. Marine infantryman from 2003-2007; during which he deployed to Iraq as well as Afghanistan and continued to collaborate with Antonio when visiting home on vacation. The two filmmakers decided in late 2011 to interview members of Anderson’s former platoon who fought alongside each other on November 22, 2004, seven years after their battle.

Antonio and Garrett were able to successfully raise a budget of $30,000 on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter in March of 2012. The November War is Garrett and Antonio’s first feature length film to be followed by the story of wounded warrior Jerral Hancock and how a community came together to provide the assistance he needed to properly return home after a tragic road. Antonio and Garrett hope to bring a new flavor to the digital independent film scene and intend to pursue this medium as their life’s work with the business philosophy that their films will only succeed if they earn the true support of an audience through distributing original quality content whatever the budget. In their world, the story is the priority.


  1. This is an amazing documentary. It shows more of the hard truths that come with war compared to all the other films. I can not thank you soldiers enough for the ultimate sacrifice you men have gone through to keep us safe at home. I would really like to have a dvd copy of this. Will this be released on dvd or stay as a digital copy? Thank you!

  2. You have created an amazing film based on the SqdLdr perspective. Nothing like this ha ever been attempted. The closest has been Blackhawk Down (I served with Suicide Charley, 1/7 during; dates me), but that is a feature film. Well done. I am retired after 22 years and served with 1/3 during the period of your documentary. I am desperately trying to find Sgt Cutstherope. Please assist. Semper Fi.

  3. Thanks for making this and releasing it. I am a former Marine who is currently teaching a Historical Concept of War class and would like to use this film in my class. I would like to support your efforts by purchasing a DVD or donating some money. Please reach me at the provided email.

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